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Well, we made it! After a full year and a half we are still together. I’m not gonna lie, we’ve had our differences but we got past them. I want to live like this, in everything:

A reporter asked the couple: How were you able to succeed in staying together for 65 years?
The woman answered: We were born at a time when broken things were repaired instead of thrown away.

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Soo. It’s Leah’s birthday week end and we have made the most of it! Friday night we went to dinner down town and then to a RedBirds game. Dinner was, well, interesting. A few of us got together that hadn’t seen each other since school was over. It was good to see everyone, but I wish Nathan could have been there (: James and I decided that since it was Leah’s birthday that people who work in the restaurant should sing to her. Not too much to ask right? Wrong. Our waitress told James there would be ice cream, singing, dancing, the whole bit. Instead we got a half a bowl of ice cream and a lame happy birthday. Sorry Leah, we will do better next year. Then we walked to the game. We had no clue where to go but thankfully Wyatt and Benjamin saved us. We sat in the grass for the game. Within the first five or ten minutes of the game to home team had a home run. We were all so excited because we were expecting fireworks for the home run. Boy were we disappointed… Anyway. The game was good. I enjoyed talking and catching up more than watching the game. Me being the square I am, I am allergic to everything. I forgot to self medicate before and half way through I was dying. Needless to say I was happy to be at home after that.

The next day was actually Leah’s birthday. We went to her house early to wash our cars. Strangely enough, we only washed Leah’s. We ended up having more soap on us than the cars did… Anyway. The boys left us because James forgot clothes and Leah and I went to go take showers. It took Nathan and James like half a year to get back. They were almost left. I guess the moon and stars aligned because we all made it there close to on time. The food was good and the company was better (: The entire time we were sitting down Leah was asking about a cake. Thats all she wanted was our server to bring her a cake since the night before had been such a bust. Once again she was disappointed. Sadly, she had to settle for our awful singing and her mother’s AMAZING cake. We sat outside and ate and enjoyed each others company.

I didn’t realize how much I have missed the group being together. Sure we got together on the weekends but this was the most time we had spent together in awhile. I hope this is a picture of the rest of the summer. If it is I think I can learn to deal with the heat..

Since Lucy won’t use Lucathan, I’m going to upload some old pictures of us.

I do want to use it, thank you. I hav just had alittle much goimg on (:
I. Love. You.

Lucy doesn’t want to use this site so I’m not sure what will happen, most likely I’ll get rid of it.
Have fun on the one post while it’s here.